How it Works


Gone are the days of ugly satellite receivers perched on the roof of your beautiful home.The Signal Transparent material comes in a skylight frame that is placed on the south-facing side of the home. The satellite dish or other signal receiver is placed underneath in the attic.

While other materials may offer some signal or light to get through, most surfaces distort or disrupt signal clarity as radio waves bounce off these RF reflective materials.

The Signal Transparent Surface provides a waterproof, weather-resistant signal window for all transmissions from technology devices to easily pass in and out of the home. This is what makes the STS product so unique. The lightweight material with stronger-than-steel performance makes applying STS to residential and commercial projects extremely attractive.


Some clients have always disliked the look of their satellite dish. Some have wanted the service but not enough to stomach having a dish on the house. STS provides an option for both. Our team will connect you with a roofing professional who will install your STS panel with utmost care and a leak free warranty. Our professionals and STS panel work with slate, tile, composition, metal, wood and many other types of roof surfaces.

New Construction

Residential and multi-family new construction projects are inexpensive and easy to install. Wasco Skylights has been providing roofers, builders and architects a great product with reliable documentation since 1935. Contractors familiarity with the Wasco design and install procedures will keep the cost of your install low and the quality high. Our team is here to provide consultation, design and install support of all STS panels.