An Innovation in Roof Technology

The Signal Transparent Surface (STS) allows for the clear transfer of information from the exterior home to the interior without compromising structure, aesthetics, or HOA regulations.

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How it Works

How it Works

While other materials may offer some signal or light to get through, most surfaces distort or disrupt signal clarity as radio waves bounce off these RF reflective materials.

The Signal Transparent Surface provides a waterproof, weather-resistant signal window for all transmissions from technology devices to easily pass in and out of the home. This is what makes the STS product so unique. The lightweight material with stronger-than-steel performance makes applying STS to residential and commercial projects extremely attractive.


Signal Transparency

Minimized signal loss as low as 0.5% to 1.5% in most cases.

Signal Stability

Signal interruption & loss from wind & debris is greatly reduced.

Multi-Family Development

Increases profitability in apartment com installations.


Significantly safer for service providers to install & maintain.


Eliminates issues with HOAs & clients that do not like the look of a dish on their home.


Lower risk of damage to consumer's home from roof penetration.



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